This is love

My love is true if it doesn’t fade away with distance, It’s true, if it doesn’t​ end with end of the day, It’s true, if my face lights up when I see you, It’s true, if I starve without you,  It’s true, if I Stand by you when everyone else is against you, It’s true, […]

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Long walk to Eternity

I walk everyday, Far away from my loved ones, I get a little farther everyday. Although I stay next to them, I keep getting farther away from them, Mentally, not physically. The world has brought me to a complex position of separation, Separations causing me to Tumble and fall, But even the falls, they don’t […]

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Fire The Desire

I always got what I desired and wanted, as a child. But now all that I get, are the desires and wants. I crave for some things, Thus the wait increases for those things to come to me, keeping me uncomplete and unsatisfied. I think that the wait eventually will fade these wants, But alas, […]

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Every Candle’s Story

A candle, was lighted in the dark. It killed the darkness with its spark. The wax soon started melting, Telling that soon there will be an end. Even the wick, had started to bend. Knowing it’s fate, it continued to burn , Kept the room bright. Sacrificing it’s life felt just right. But the end, […]

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The day we become ONE

No one moved or breathed for seconds, These seconds, they felt like hours. They remained still, as if the time had stopped for them. Hours then turned into days and then those days into months. They haven’t even spoken a word to each other. Had they just forgotten about the latter? Or were they just, […]

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