Overthought over nothing

He thought to himself, He just thought, It wasn’t Until then he realised he had just been thinking, forever. What was he thinking? And was he really thinking? What was it that made him so tired? That took him out of the reality? Were they really thoughts? He thought about dragons that didn’t exist, He […]

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Music creates its own world, A world so different from the real, A world where no sorrows can hold you down, Music takes you into a jolly town, Where you wear the crown. A town where no one frowns, Everyone has a sweet sound. A town both sweet and bitter, But no one tries to […]

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A Day

Everyday is a different day, A day Little better, A day little worse, A day we are all thankful for, A day we love to live, A day just another day, A day which we will remember, A day for the good, A day that makes us happy, A day that makes us sad, A […]

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This is love

My love is true if it doesn’t fade away with distance, It’s true, if it doesn’t​ end with end of the day, It’s true, if my face lights up when I see you, It’s true, if I starve without you,  It’s true, if I Stand by you when everyone else is against you, It’s true, […]

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Long walk to Eternity

I walk everyday, Far away from my loved ones, I get a little farther everyday. Although I stay next to them, I keep getting farther away from them, Mentally, not physically. The world has brought me to a complex position of separation, Separations causing me to Tumble and fall, But even the falls, they don’t […]

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