If only reality looked more beautiful

Everything we see NOW, will eventually be different and in a matter of time, won’t exist anymore.

Nothing is certain in this uncertain world. So:

Why do we find it difficult to let go of things?

Because it is hard to detach from someone we’re attached to.

Why do we get so attached to people? 
Because sometimes being detached is heartbreaking.

Even though we know everything is temporary in this world, why do we feel bad in the end?
Because we live only once. And the memories are permanent. So permanent, that sometimes it carries onto the afterlife.
Why do we seek happiness by building temporary relationships with people when the actual happiness lies within us? 

Because we’re never independent in emotions. Dependency is inborn within us, Humans, when it comes to certain desires.

Why do we tend to ignore the happiness we can give to ourselves?
Because, we enter an emotion which makes us realise that our happiness lies in someone else at that point of time.

Is it in our genes to look for temporary things even when the permanent things are always in front of us?

It’s not in our genes, but it’s in our hearts, which help us feel love, pain, anger or sadness. Our heart beats too are temporary as one day it will stop, but the emotions are always permanent. This causes us to realise, that certain things might be temporary in life, but it can also brand us permanently‚Äč.


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