The day we become ONE

No one moved or breathed for seconds, These seconds, they felt like hours. They remained still, as if the time had stopped for them. Hours then turned into days and then those days into months. They haven’t even spoken a word to each other. Had they just forgotten about the latter? Or were they just, […]

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One sided love

One sided love is the only connection, between me and her, She never looks in my direction, and all I did is, I just looked at her, Never did I ever think that this small one sided connection with her Would turn into the ultimate feeling, love. A love which has no future and no […]

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Beautiful Rain comes again…

Something tapped my window, And I heard the pitter-patter of rain, I opened the window and the wind came in like a gentleman. Excited by the rain, I ran out to inhale the beauty it came with, Noisy streams, dimpled lakes, gentle breezes and flowering plants were all around me, Was I in Paradise? Leaves […]

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